In our knowledge database you will find background reports about emission analysis, supply chains, transport innovation, freight industry insights, and sustainable approaches for logistics.

The road to everywhere - The future of supply chains

The future of supply chains

Zero Emission Urban Freight

Zero Emission for urban freight

Climate Excellence - Assessing climate risks and opprtunities in the transport & logistics sector

Assesing climate risks & opportunities in transport and logistics

Measuring Industry's Temperature

Environmental progress on European logistics

Medium- and Heavy-Duty Vehicle Electrification

Electrification of medium- and heavy-duty vehicles

Toward greener supply chains

Greener supply chains

Making zero-emission trucking a reality

Routes to decarbonized trucking

Reaching Zero with Renewables

Eliminating CO2 emissions from industry and transport

Aligning global shipping with society's goals

Aligning global shipping with society's goals

Recharge EU: how many charge points will Europe and its Member States need in the 2020s

Infrastructure for charge points

Technology verification tool for green freight programs

Technology for green freight programs

Zero Emission Road Freight Strategy 2020-2025

Zero emission road freight strategy

Transport and environment report 2020 report - Train or plane?

Transport and environment

Machine Learning in Maritim Logistics

Machine Learning in maritim logistics

Setting the Course to Low Carbon Shipping

Low carbon shipping

Net-Zero Challenge: The supply chain opportunity

Net-Zero challenge for supply chains

Decarbonising Road Freight: Getting into gear

Decarbonising road freight

How to decarbonise long-haul trucking in Germany

Decarbonising long-haul trucking