What we do


Our mission is to provide convenient solutions and actionable information to reduce emissions from global freight transport. Our platform is developed by the team of Appanion Labs.


We are fully commited to change the way goods are transported around the globe. For us this means to take on meaningful challenges that require collaborative and sustainable solutions for the future. 

If you share our ambition and would like to work on meaningful challenges in a great atmosphere, please reach out to us.


Our team

We are a team of data engineers, analysts, data scientists, sustainability experts, and product managers who bring together tech know-how, strategic foresight, and the highest standards on an excellent product and process design.

Mirko Schedlbauer
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Philipp Huhn
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Chief Data Scientist

Tobias Bohnhoff
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Max Nowosad
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Business Development

Frieder Henning
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Data & Machine Learning

Kristina Mödl
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Hammad Ahmad
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Frontend Development

Martin Jacobs
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Business Development & Sustainability Lead

Shivendra Singh
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Backend Development & Machine Learning Engineer